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Allergies suck. I’m sick but not sick enough.

I hate having allergies. I am in this weird spot where they can be bad but not as bad as other people. I am not sick, but I’m not exactly healthy either. I’m a good 65 lbs over weight and definitely not in shape. 

I don’t have a running nosey. I am not constantly stuffy or sneezing. Instead, I have almost constant dull to painful burning in my cheeks, below my eyes, down the center of my nose and sometimes a dull pain in the back of my head. My headaches are connected to my sinuses, because when I can get some sinus relief, the headaches go away. And ring in the ears. It never goes away and sometimes drives me batty.

I’ve had CT scans that show nothing that makes me ENT say we need to do surgery. I been on allergy shots for the last couple of years. I am also on Zysal and a nasal spray. I’ve tried nasal rinses for consistently for a year, and have been tagged with chronic sinusitis. 

Today, I’ve taken the day off of work because the consistent dull pain has defeated me. It makes me depressed because I don’t feel that bad, yet I know it is distracting enough to make my work suffer. The only thing that brings temporary relief is a warm compress. 

Days like these get me back in the internet, looking for all kinds of things to try. Time  before this, I ended up ordering one of those himalayan salt inhalers. Like most things (including my medication), I failed at consistently using it for 15 minutes a day. I don’t use it at all now. So, no idea if it would really  work, but I’m skeptical.

This time I’ve ordered  Xclear. Somehow, I think spraying fake sugar (Xylitol) may cure me. Or at the very least, be other wasting my time and money on because I keep wasting time and money on “modern” medicine and it hasn’t done much for me. Considering it has taken me over two years to consistently take my allergy medication everyday (and I still have weeks where I have trouble remembering to take it), I may need to keep trying this “solution” for a couple years and see what happened….

Why I can’t I be like one of those people who wrote articles like, “I cured my allergies with a neti pot!” Mine seems to be defected. Three years of nasal rinses and I still have allergies.