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Trump is an idiot 

Trump, maybe the press and some other people are wondering why there are so many leaks. What does Trump complain about on Twitter? News, fake news and SNL. If you want him to pay attention to your information? Get Fox News to talk about it on Late Night TV. If you want to make him mad about it, get SNL to do a skit on it.

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No sympathy for blue collar workers?

I heard this podcast the other day:

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal: 02/16/2017: How small is too big to fail?

There was a piece that looked at coal workers. It looked at:

  • How and why jobs had left coal country
  • How those workers were having a hard time finding new employment. 
  • Trump’s campaign promises to bring back those jobs

One comment from a coal work struck out at me. They said some of those jobs were six figure jobs and they weren’t going to be able to find another job like that. 

Coal mining is hard dangerous work without a doubt. Chron gives a description of the skills and training needed to be a coal miner. Along with the average salary of a coal miner back in 2010.

An Australian website list the skills needed as: 

  • to enjoy manual and technical work
  • to be able to follow precise instructions and safety standards
  • good fitness, with an ability to do heavy-lifting and physically demanding work
  • good eyesight and hand-eye co-ordination
  • to be comfortable working in confined spaces
  • the ability to stay calm in emergencies
  • excellent team work skills

Career Centre

And you can make upwards of ~80k working this type of job. This seems to require very little out of pocket expense for the miner. 

Meanwhile, a four year degree can cost you ~ $98k, and Master’s degree is another $40k – $120k. Even with a college education, the average computer programmer doesn’t make six figures a year. Yet, blue collar workers with very little money invested in their own education are complaining that they can’t find another six figure job without a college education? Neither can the rest of us. 

Welcome to the reality we live in. Where you need to a college education to flip burgers a McDonald’s because there are a lot of unemployed educated people out there.

Quit your whining and join the rest of us who are six figures in student debt, making less then you made without a formal educational.

We live a every changing world with a every changing economy. Those who can be flexible and don’t mind getting on the hamster wheel of retraining are the ones who will survive. You do what it takes and invest stupid amounts of money in yourself to stay somewhat competitive in the job market. We can’t all be born with silver spoons in our mouth and trust funds. They’re called the 1%ers for a reason.

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Allergies suck. I’m sick but not sick enough.

I hate having allergies. I am in this weird spot where they can be bad but not as bad as other people. I am not sick, but I’m not exactly healthy either. I’m a good 65 lbs over weight and definitely not in shape. 

I don’t have a running nosey. I am not constantly stuffy or sneezing. Instead, I have almost constant dull to painful burning in my cheeks, below my eyes, down the center of my nose and sometimes a dull pain in the back of my head. My headaches are connected to my sinuses, because when I can get some sinus relief, the headaches go away. And ring in the ears. It never goes away and sometimes drives me batty.

I’ve had CT scans that show nothing that makes me ENT say we need to do surgery. I been on allergy shots for the last couple of years. I am also on Zysal and a nasal spray. I’ve tried nasal rinses for consistently for a year, and have been tagged with chronic sinusitis. 

Today, I’ve taken the day off of work because the consistent dull pain has defeated me. It makes me depressed because I don’t feel that bad, yet I know it is distracting enough to make my work suffer. The only thing that brings temporary relief is a warm compress. 

Days like these get me back in the internet, looking for all kinds of things to try. Time  before this, I ended up ordering one of those himalayan salt inhalers. Like most things (including my medication), I failed at consistently using it for 15 minutes a day. I don’t use it at all now. So, no idea if it would really  work, but I’m skeptical.

This time I’ve ordered  Xclear. Somehow, I think spraying fake sugar (Xylitol) may cure me. Or at the very least, be other wasting my time and money on because I keep wasting time and money on “modern” medicine and it hasn’t done much for me. Considering it has taken me over two years to consistently take my allergy medication everyday (and I still have weeks where I have trouble remembering to take it), I may need to keep trying this “solution” for a couple years and see what happened….

Why I can’t I be like one of those people who wrote articles like, “I cured my allergies with a neti pot!” Mine seems to be defected. Three years of nasal rinses and I still have allergies.

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Why did I start a blog 

I have been reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. You probably already know her as the women behind The Bloggess. If you don’t, then I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. For that matter, I don’t know how you ended up here. 

I don’t have any intention of advertising this blog or sharing it on any of my social media sites or letting anyone I know in real life know about it. I kind of miss the early days of the internet when nobody knew your real name. (verse Cheers where everybody knows you name). I just want a spot where I can dump whatever my brain is thinking as see what happens. And without any intention of going back to read what I wrote. I did this a lot when I was younger with journals. However, journals eventually get found if you leave them laying around. 

Blogs and websites have the potential of getting lost  forever,or staying around  forever, we’ll see what road technology takes us down. I know that I have lost two online diaries to the grips of negative profit margins. At least two websites sites. Does Geocities even exist anymore? No idea.

Anyway, the Bloggess made me realize it is prefectly fine to write you rambles on the interwebs. So I thought I would give it a try.

Another reason why I thought I would try blogging again is this: lately I have been having trouble concentrating on the task at hand, and I thought if I just write down all the other pesky thoughts that are  bothering, maybe they will stop bothering them.

We’ll see where this goes. If you stumbled on this blog, you’re welcome to stick around and see where this goes.