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No sympathy for blue collar workers?

I heard this podcast the other day:

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal: 02/16/2017: How small is too big to fail?

There was a piece that looked at coal workers. It looked at:

  • How and why jobs had left coal country
  • How those workers were having a hard time finding new employment. 
  • Trump’s campaign promises to bring back those jobs

One comment from a coal work struck out at me. They said some of those jobs were six figure jobs and they weren’t going to be able to find another job like that. 

Coal mining is hard dangerous work without a doubt. Chron gives a description of the skills and training needed to be a coal miner. Along with the average salary of a coal miner back in 2010.

An Australian website list the skills needed as: 

  • to enjoy manual and technical work
  • to be able to follow precise instructions and safety standards
  • good fitness, with an ability to do heavy-lifting and physically demanding work
  • good eyesight and hand-eye co-ordination
  • to be comfortable working in confined spaces
  • the ability to stay calm in emergencies
  • excellent team work skills

Career Centre

And you can make upwards of ~80k working this type of job. This seems to require very little out of pocket expense for the miner. 

Meanwhile, a four year degree can cost you ~ $98k, and Master’s degree is another $40k – $120k. Even with a college education, the average computer programmer doesn’t make six figures a year. Yet, blue collar workers with very little money invested in their own education are complaining that they can’t find another six figure job without a college education? Neither can the rest of us. 

Welcome to the reality we live in. Where you need to a college education to flip burgers a McDonald’s because there are a lot of unemployed educated people out there.

Quit your whining and join the rest of us who are six figures in student debt, making less then you made without a formal educational.

We live a every changing world with a every changing economy. Those who can be flexible and don’t mind getting on the hamster wheel of retraining are the ones who will survive. You do what it takes and invest stupid amounts of money in yourself to stay somewhat competitive in the job market. We can’t all be born with silver spoons in our mouth and trust funds. They’re called the 1%ers for a reason.


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